• Lifestyle

    You can donate to NGOs for as low as ₱50 thru this app

    donate via giving hero app

    If you’re looking for something good to do now, you can donate at least ₱50 to a cause you are passionate about at your fingertips. The Giving Hero app is a Filipino technology startup and an incubatee of UPSCALE Innovation Hub in UP Diliman that advocates the use of technology for good. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for donations to hospitals, government offices, and non-profit organizations has increased. Various organizations initiated their respective fundraising or campaigns to support communities that have been affected by the outbreak.

  • Organic beauty products

    Why switch to natural beauty products

    Many cosmetic brands have emerged following the hype for skincare and other beauty routines. However, natural beauty products have always been invaluable amongst all the options in the market. While synthetic beauty products are mostly preferred, are we actually getting…

  • Journal

    My nominated blogs to The Liebster Award

    I didn’t know there’s such a thing here in the blogging community! Thank you to Writings by JM for nominating me in her latest post on The Liebster Award. So happy as well to have known some fellow Filipino bloggers…

  • How To

    Useful photo editors for non-Photoshoppers

    Let’s be honest⁠—Photoshop can do wonders especially when you’re an expert at using all those techniques. But, again, let’s be honest that not everyone has knowledge in maximizing this photo editor. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I also know only…

  • Journal

    Things I realized at age 23

    I’ve been only in this world for more than a decade yet I feel like I’ve been through many ups and downs of life. I’d just want to share things that I realized at this age, and I believe there…

  • Journal

    There’s rape because there are rapists

    Here we go again, defending victims from sick-minded people who think wearing skimpy clothes is the root of all these sexual violence. A Facebook page of a police station in Lucban, Quezon drew flak after posting such irresponsible remarks on…

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