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Must-see SB19 videos from their Youtube Channel


I’ve been a fan of SB19 since September 2019 after I stumble upon their video on Facebook. I got curious and looked them up on Youtube to see if they have other performances. To my delight, there’s a lot of videos of them!

Just to give a quick background, SB19, also known as Sound Break 19, is a five-member Filipino boy band formed under ShowBT Philippines Corporation. The group consists of members Sejun, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin.

You probably have watched Go Up or Alab MV, or even their K-pop covers like Bigbang Medley and BTS Medley. But in case you’re not sure which SB19 videos to watch or you just want to see the different persona of the members, here’s my list of must-see videos from their Youtube Channel.

“Go Up” Dance Practice

This video was the main reason why SB19 is put into the spotlight that they deserve. A clip was posted on Twitter and massively gained praise from netizens overnight. These boys really proved that they’re not your average boy group. See for yourself!


Random Kpop Play Dance 

SB19 also does their own vlogs aside from recorded performances. This random play dance is one of my favorites because the video is full of hilarity. I would say this particular SB19 video was what made be an official Ken stan. Watch:


Limbo and Hammer Game

Basically, SB19 played limbo and hammer game in this video and this is still a favorite of many A’TIN for a fact that it showed the lively personality of each member, especially during the hammer game.


Sinong Bida – Acting Class

If you’re sad and need an extra happy pill, see how SB19 members bring out the best actors in them with this Sinong Bida episode and laugh your heart out.

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Mission in Cebu 

The reason why I included it is mainly because of the challenges that were given to the members which they had to accomplish during their visit in Cebu for a Pepsi event. This mission was divided into three parts, but you can start from this:


What’s your favorite video on SB19’s Youtube Channel? Comment below!

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