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5 Typical Pinoy Teleserye scenes that never get old

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Filipinos grew up with televisions jam-packed with a line-up of teleseryes that air mostly five days in a week, which basically means a line-up of rewarding slap scenes, nail-biting life or death situations, or leads being mistreated by step moms.

We cannot deny the fact that Filipinos, up to now, are still hooked with it. I guess we just love life dramas so much that we scream in frustration or shout at a seemingly dumb character while watching TV.

With the countless teleseryes we have all witnessed during our time on this Earth, some of them have become pretty predictable. But it’s a Pinoy Teleserye! And the way for it to become a big hit is to have predictable but frustrating events not only with the lead characters but including also the entire cast. That said, here are some typical scenes that you or your friends may have seen in severel Pinoy Teleseryes:

Wakes up with amnesia

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If there is one untoward event that complicates the plot even more, it’s the character having amnesia. Be it a horrific car accident, getting drowned and found by fishermen, or falling down the extravagant stairs from the second floor, forgetting people you love or the crime you just witnessed is enough to build up the frustration of the viewers. It’s even worse when the character falls in love with a stranger without knowing he’s getting married soon!

The dramatic rain scene

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Of all the many times that it has to rain, it’s always when the protagonists are at the lowest point of their lives. Since Pinoy Teleseryes are always up for dramas, crying under the rain can be seen in almost any of them. Psychologically, seeing someone in agony while raining makes the situation a little more tormenting to watch as “clouds cry with him”, an effective way to make the viewers feel the character and shed tears involuntarily.

Kidnapped and hidden in a warehouse

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For some reason, Teleseryes decided to use warehouses when doing kidnap crimes. No one’s kidnapped and woke up in a mansion. It’s always in a dark, dirty place with men looking funny with their leather jackets. Is it because of the grubby look that intensifies the misery of the character? Is it because no one would doubt that someone is being held up in a warehouse? No one knows. But the sure thing is, someone will always find them.

Clumsy girl gets her prince charming

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Now, one thing that I think Teleseryes have thought women wrong is that clumsiness brings you good opportunities in life, like a prince charming. It’s always funny how some women are portrayed as clumsy, if not stupid, in the first part of Teleseryes. Dropping books, bumping into the hottest guy in school, getting almost hit by a ten-wheeler truck and viola! Someone instantly meets the love of their life.

Endless catfight

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What’s Pinoy Teleserye without characters slapping or pulling each other’s hair? Rumor has it that adding multiple and realistic slapping scenes in a teleserye works every time. It’s probably one of our stress relievers. Other than the antagonist getting what she deserves, it somehow gratifies the audience after the protagonist experienced bullying or maltreatment.

There are good and bad Teleseryes—there are remarkable ones, too! Despise it or not, Teleseryes will always exist and Filipinos will always get hooked and attached to it. Although I am hoping we’ll have more interesting and unique plots than commonly recycled storylines.

Now, what’s your favorite Teleserye scene?

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