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Jdrama Review: Love Lasts Forever [No Spoiler]

All of my friends know I’m a big fan of Korean dramas, but recently, I tried watching a Japanese drama⁠—like trying a new brand of chips. Love Lasts forever or Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Dokomademo was recommended by a friend, and since I’ve also watched a few Japanese movies, I gave it a try and I did not regret it!

Just a quick glimpse on the plot: This romance-comedy medical drama was about a girl (Sakura Nanase) who pursued a guy (Dr. Tendo Kairi), who is a doctor, that she met in an emergency situation. Apparently, she fell in love at first sight. Her seemingly puppy crush inspired her to study nursing until she got accepted in the hospital he’s working in. And the rest is for you to see.

On storyline

Love Lasts Forever
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Love Lasts Forever is a 10-episode drama, which means it’s short for common drama viewers. Compared to K-dramas we see today, Love Lasts Forever is a not-so-complicated drama where things happen fast and so predictably. Entirely, it actually has no antagonist; just a girl who’s a bit of a trying hard to become a nurse while getting closer with her super crush.

Ergo, do not expect too much on its storyline. I’d suggest you watch this if you want something very light or if you simply want to be happy and feel kilig.

On characters

Love Lasts Forever

One thing I observed in this drama is that it has some non-essential characters. I mean, the story would survive without the other ones, but I guess that’s how the Japanese do it. At some points, I kind of hate Sakura Nanase with her being a clumsy nurse or being a woman blinded by her love. Also, if you’re into men who have cold shoulders and a mysterious aura, you’ll definitely like Dr. Tendo. I’d say Takeru Sato and Kamishiraishi Mone portrayed their roles perfectly. Plus, their chemistry is oozing!

On entertainment value

Love Lasts Forever
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Like I said, the chemistry is powerful that 10 episodes won’t be enough. In the first few episodes, I was about to stop watching it because Sakura Nanase is being a hopeless romantic over a guy that does not seem to care about her. But the magic happens in the middle and I immediately finished the drama. It’s also nice that it has no persistent antagonist so you won’t have to worry about the turn of events. It’s entertaining in a cheesy way.

On music / OST

I need to add this part as I just want to emphasize that its OST (I LOVE… by Official髭男dism) is catchy and an earworm. Perhaps, I got addicted to it because it’s played at the end of every episode. You might want to listen to it above and see why it’s such a great song for this drama.

Overall, I rate Love Lasts Forever 3/5. It’s not as compelling as other dramas I’ve seen but it’s definitely not a bad one. If you’re just looking for some good vibes, this drama is a great choice.

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