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7 thoughtful gifts your girlfriend will appreciate

Men can sometimes be clueless on what to give to their girlfriends on special occasions. No offense! Commonly, you give us chocolates, flowers, and balloons, which is okay – it’s the thought that counts! But in case you’ve already given a dozen bouquets and you’re looking for simple but thoughtful presents, here’s a list of gifts for girlfriend that can help you out.


gifts for girlfriend

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Graze box 

gifts for girlfriend
via Grazeful PH on Facebook

Don’t just give her chocolates; give her all kinds of snacks in a box and she will thank you later. A graze box is a whole new level of a fancy treat for your girlfriend, which is usually composed of fruits, cold cuts, wine, bread, chocolates, donuts, jam, cheese, and more. Don’t fret, though, there’s no need to buy these items all by yourself in the supermarket. You can just order a graze box from online shops like Grazeful PH and have it delivered to your doors.

Personalized phone case

Almost anyone always uses their phone every day and it’s nice to give your girlfriend a personalized phone case that she’ll really appreciate. I mean, who doesn’t like personalized gifts – it’s thoughtful and sentimental. Besides, it could be one of those things she’ll flex to her friends because “it’s a gift from my boyfriend.” The design depends on your preference. There’s actually a lot of Shopee stores that offer this service for an affordable price.

Inspirational pen holder

gifts for girlfriend
via Papemelroti

If your girl is working in an office or working from home, you might want to inspire her a little with this wooden pen holder. Printed with artsy fonts, Pinterest-worthy designs, and motivational quotes, this pen holder from Papemelroti is ideal for organizing pens, pencils, rulers, highlighters that will tidy up her workspace. There are many designs to choose from in their online shop so you can pick what’s best for your loved one.

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Canvas prints

gifts for girlfriend
via Photobook

This can be one of your meaningful gifts for your girlfriend. If you both love taking pictures during your travels or even on your simple dates, then it deserves more to be put on canvas than being uploaded on Facebook. Although it can be more expensive than framed pictures, canvas prints can last longer so your girlfriend can display it on her bedside table or as home wall decor. Photobook offers this service and all you have to do is choose a canvas size, upload your picture, and pay.

If you want to get creative and have a thematic canvas design, try thousands of cute templates from Canva where you can easily edit pictures.

Customized couple pillows

I am not a fan of couple items like couple shirts, shoes, etc., but couple pillows are an exception. You can put your names, pictures. or anything you prefer. This is good if you live together so you can use the customized pillows on the bed you share together, but it’s also great for couples who live away from each other. You know, at least she can hug the pillow while missing you. Photobook also has this service so make sure to check them out!

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Trendy earrings

gifts for girlfriend
via on IG

Is your girlfriend into fashion? Does she like accessories? Then try giving her something that will go well with her OOTD. From minimalist studs to pastel danglings, a set of earrings will definitely put a smile on her face. If you don’t know where to purchase these cute little ones, you can actually search on Instagram and there’s a lot of stores that sell but I also recommend as they really have nice designs!

Your presence

Cliche as it may sound but nothing beats our boyfriend’s presence when it comes to any occasions! Not every girl is into receiving gifts and not every girlfriend gets bothered when you do not give her something. Your presence would be enough and I think it’s thoughtful to be on their side with or without anything to celebrate.

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