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[Review] Megan Nose Pore Strips with Witch Hazel

I’ll be sharing a review on my favorite whiteheads terminator – Megan Nose Pore Strips!

I’ve been dealing with whiteheads on my nose since college days. I used to ignore it when it started but it eventually became visible and bothering when touched (the tiny bumps aren’t pleasing at all). Back then, I always applied a cream type nose pack but the result was unsatisfying until I discover Megan Nose Pore Strips.

What causes whiteheads/blackheads

Before we head on to the review, let us discuss why whiteheads or blackheads even exist. According to Medical News Today, these happen when our pores on the skin become clogged with dead skin cells, oil, or bacteria. As for their difference:

  • Whiteheads occur when a blocked pore closes so it cannot be extracted by just squeezing
  • Blackheads, on the other hand, are caused by blocked pores that stay open so it gets color when contacted by pollution; unlike whiteheads, blackheads are extractable

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My Solution: Megan Nose Pore Strips

I believe there are beauty treatments that help you tighten pores to minimize the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads. But for someone on a budget, a band-aid treatment like Megan Nose Pore Strip is valuable.

Megan Nose Pore Strips Review

via Megan Beauty at Shopee

Megan Nose Pore Strips comes in three variants: Rose Extract, Volcanic Ash Extract, and Witch Hazel Extract. A pack has four individually wrapped strips for only Php59. It’s available in other drugstores like Watsons and Mercury, but you can also shop for it in bundles through Shopee. I have tried all of these variants but I just buy whatever is always available which is Witch Hazel Extract. There’s not much difference, though, in terms of results.  

According to the packaging: Megan Purifying Nose Pore Strips with Witch Hazel Extract instantly takes away oil, dirt, and blackheads that clog the pores. It removes the impurities trapped on the pores, leaving you softer and smoother skin.

Megan Nose Pore Strips Review

How to use

  1. After you clean your face, wash your nose area with water (In my case, I wet it with lukewarm water to better open the pores).
  2. Peel off the strip from the clear film; gently put the sticky part of the strip onto your nose and press all the parts for grip.
  3. Wait for it to dry for 10-15 minutes (I usually scrub it with my finger while waiting for it to dry to make sure all the annoying stuff stick to it).
  4. Now for the most exciting part, SLOWLY peel off the strip from lower edges upward. I emphasized slowly because there was a time that I stripped it like wax and it caused me scars on the nose and you wouldn’t like that.
  5. Tip: Do not wipe your nose with toner or wash it with water right after you strip as it might sting.


  • So far, it’s my favorite whiteheads remover (I don’t have blackheads but still). It removes most of the clogged dirt than any other nose pack I have used.
  • It is even more satisfying when you have more than two weeks old whiteheads and you see them get pulled by the strip (or maybe it’s just me!)
  • I only need to use it every two weeks but may vary depending on your case.
  • No irritations after use like rushes or allergies.
  • The individual wrap for every strip is a good idea so others won’t dry off even when the pack is opened.
  • One pack is affordable for up to two months of use.
  • It really sticks on the nose even on the edges.


  • I just wish they sell it in boxes with more strips in it

I was planning to add an “after” image of the strip where you can see the pulled whiteheads but that would be gross so let’s leave it this way.

How I wish Megan Nose Pore Strips can really tighten the pores after years of use so I won’t have to deal with whiteheads anymore. I’ve actually tried many remedies to minimize my pores but nothing’s really happening so I guess I’d have to stock a lot of these. If you have any tips, let me know in the comments!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE nose pore strips! I’ve heard they actually aren’t really effective for cleaning out pores but I just find the after effect so satisfying! Thanks for reviewing this brand, I tend to use Biore at the moment. I also wish they put more strips in the box x

    1. Same 🙂 It’s satisfying to see pulled whiteheads in the strip. Can’t believe they’re all stuck in my pores. Ugh. Thanks for reading x

  2. I love a good nose pore strip! I’ll definitely have to give this one a try. x

  3. Abundance of Flavor says:

    I used to use nosestrips all the time for blackheads and loved them! It was oddly satisfying to remove the strips and see all the stuff that was clogging my pores, is that weird?? lol thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re not alone 😂 I usually look at the dirt on the strip after I use it before I dispose lol. It’s really satisfying.

    2. I’m a fan of Megan products too. But I haven’t tried this one. I am more on Megan Charcoal Claymask because I love applying it in my whole face and it’s worth the price. I always buy it in 7/11 haha. That’s my problem too the pores and whiteheads and it’s very annoying. Thanks for sharing. I will try this. ☺

      1. Tried their Charcoal mask but I found it painful when pulling it 🙁 Thanks for reading!

  4. Great post! Thank you for sharing! I always try and use nose strips every week and these sound really good!

    1. Never heard of it before
      Nice review
      Thank you for sharing this post 😇

      JENISH |

  5. Definitely going to try these, I’ve been breaking out like a teenager again lol

  6. Oooh these sound great – I’d love to add these into my skincare routine!

  7. These look great, I’m always on the hunt for a good nose pore strip. There’s nothing more disappointing than when you peel it off and notice that it did absolutely nothing

    Roni |

  8. I’ve never used these so I’m intrigued! Thanks for the review — very informative.

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