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My favorite songs from Taylor Swift’s folklore album

taylow swift folklore album

The world knows how huge the fanbase of Taylor Swift is in the Philippines – she even posted a photo on Facebook mentioning us! (a little proud moment, I admit). Without any signs or countdown, the award-winning singer just dropped her folklore album just like that. Who would’ve thought something good would happen despite the fact that the world sucks at the moment?

I always admire Taylor Swift’s innate talent in composing lyrics. She knows her craft. She knows very well how to say things beautifully and as a sucker for romance poetry, I appreciate it a lot. When she announced her latest album, I knew it would be a bunch of great, reminiscent songs. It’s a kind of music that would resonate with you as you play it on a quiet rainy afternoon with a cup of coffee, thinking of the past. That’s the mood that I’m seeing as I listen to folklore on loop. It gives off a bittersweet vibe.

The folklore album is so good that I really wanted to write this post to share my thoughts and my favorite songs in it. It’s not easy to pick the best ones because the album itself is a masterpiece but after listening to it many times, I knew which ones my heart actually likes to hear. So, here’s a list of my favorites:

Disclaimer: I may interpret the songs different from your interpretation. 

Illicit Affairs

“You taught me a secret language I can’t speak with anyone else. And you know damn well, for you I would ruin myself…a million little times.”

This song is raw and straightforward. It seems like it’s written by the other woman a man cheated on his girlfriend with. It tells the story of a girl who ruined herself for a guy she thought that loves her but ends up lying and leaving. That’s the thing about stealing someone else’s partner—if they have done it to someone else, they can do it with you.


And I can see us twisted in bedsheets, August slipped away like a bottle of wine ‘cause you were never mine.”

Another cousin of Illicit Affairs. I don’t know much but based on the comments, they say most of the songs in her album are about a love triangle and cheating which seems true. It’s like I am reading a young adult novel like I used to back in college. More than its bittersweet melody, August tells the story again of a woman who dated a guy that wasn’t hers, to begin with. But he “slipped away” like a bottle of wine. On a side note, please, love yourselves, and don’t settle with a guy that only meets you behind the mall, away from other people’s eyes.

The 1

“We were something, don’t you think so? Rosé flowing with your chosen family. And it would’ve been sweet if it could’ve been me.”

Oh, sounds like 3 am thoughts. I kind of expected it would be a song like “Lover” because of the title but this one hits differently. This goes for people who are still haunted by the past and regrets. It’s the music that would make you cry at night for losing someone you thought you’d spend your life with. I haven’t experienced it but Taylor Swift really knows how to make her listeners bleed even when there is no wound to heal.


Hush, when no one is around, my dear. You’ll find me on my tallest tiptoes, spinning in my highest heels, love. Shining just for you.”

It’s the second song from folklore album that I listened to and loved the melody the first time I hear it. I don’t know but this music has some kind of mood that you just want to slow dance with eyes closed. On the other hand, I feel like this song could be interpreted in many ways, but as I understand it, Mirrorball tells the story of someone who’s doing their best to make other people happy and not forget (leave?) them.


I think I’ve seen this film before and I didn’t like the ending. You’re not my homeland anymore, so what am I defending now?”

I couldn’t emphasize more how this song had wrecked me the first I heard it. I remembered I almost cried listening to it. Melancholic melody, agonizing lyrics, and a great duet from Bon Iver and Taylor Swift—a perfect masterpiece. I love how it was sung like it’s an emotional conversation between old lovers who never had closure but then, what’s done is done and you can’t fix broken glass (*cries in exile*).

Listen to Taylor Swift’s full folklore album on Youtube or Spotify.

What’s your favorite song from folklore? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I really love the album too, thank you for this ate.. Illicit Affairs and The 1 hits home for me. Taylor just have this way of making everything sound so poetic. She’s an amazing lyricist! Also, I want to add this lyric from Cardigan “when you are young, they assume you know nothing”… I think with the way our culture operates a lot of young people would relate to that line.

    P. S. I nominated you for the Liebster Award Ate 💗✨ link is here if you want to participate https://ajsnotes.wordpress.com/2020/07/25/liebsteraward1/

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Taylor is really the artist we deserve. Thanks din for nominating me, I appreciate it! 😀

  2. Thank you for reminding me to listen to Taylor Swift’s new album and for sharing your favourites, Queenie!! I’m listening to Illicit Affairs while reading your post and so far I’m loving it. 🙂 Excited to listen to your other recos!

    1. My favourites are definitely August, exile and Betty!

  3. loveemblogger says:

    I feel like the only person who hasn’t gotten round to listening to this album yet. Thank you for sharing your favourite songs as I know where to start and will make an effort to listen to them at some point this week. Thank you for sharing!

    Em | http://www.loveemblog.com

  4. I’ve not listened to the album, but your recommendations sound great. Look forward to checking it out x

  5. Amazing post! I love folklore so much! My favourites are August, cardigan, invisible string and Betty!

  6. I can’t believe I haven’t listened to it yet. I’ve got lots of cleaning to do today so I’ll have it on in the background whilst I’m tidying x

    Roni | myelevatedexistence.com

  7. Em and Jess says:

    We’ve both loved Taylor Swift for years now, since she released her first album I think! I really liked that she didn’t give any warning for this new album, it made it all so exciting, and I really liked The 1 x

  8. Serena says:

    Folklore is such a great album! This is me trying is probably my favourite song!

    Serena / http://www.ramblingsofanotherunigraduate.com

  9. Mari says:

    My favorite songs from Folklore are August, Hoax, The 1, and Cardigan!
    I love your description for each of the tracks you liked 😀

    Mari | http://www.dazedmari.com

  10. Taylor Swift never ceases to amaze. Her talent and ability are two powerful things. I so appreciate she writes and performs which in a way is old school. Folklore has an almost indie sound that is timeless.

    1. I agree! Thanks for reading 😁

  11. I absolutely love this post. Your interpretation of the 1 is stop on. My favorite on this album is actually this is me trying. It’s melancholy in the best way. Also, the way you described Taylor as knowing how to make her “listeners bleed even when there is no wound to heal.” I also wrote a post featuring songs from folklore in my new blog post: http://studyinglifewithgigi.com/books-songs-in-quarantine/.

  12. So far my favourite song is the1, something about it relaxes me and I see it unfolding in my head.

  13. i love everyting about her, I’ve not listened to the album, but your recommendations sound great. Look forward to checking it out x

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