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Virtual Happy Hour: Why you should plan it now with the squad

With the current situation and movement restrictions, having a virtual happy hour is the least thing you can do with friends.

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our social life. Everyone has been forced to stay home, which means no more drinking sessions, parties, and wine nights with the squad. As a home buddy, I didn’t find it a big deal at first, but as the situation takes longer than I expected, staying home has become more stressful.

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Months into lockdown, I started missing the times that I got the chance to eat in restaurants, go on dates, catch-up with friends — mundane activities we didn’t know would soon change just because of a virus. We woke up one day not being able to do the things we used to, only to keep ourselves and other people away from harm. We stopped meeting friends physically, we stopped going to places, we stopped living a normal life.

Although we are all trying to stay safe at home, we shouldn’t set aside the social impact that talking with friends provides. Thankfully, there’s technology that now allows us to do video calls, which makes it easier for us to plan a night, like a virtual happy hour with friends, while we are all physically away from one another.

Here’s why you need to have a virtual happy hour with friends soonest!

A break from the reality of life

Do you know why people love drinking with friends on Fridays? It’s to enjoy and relax after a week-long work or study. It’s a celebration of surviving the week, basically. Plus, alcohol, of course.

In case you do not know, talking to friends contributes to someone’s well-being. So it’s important that even we are in the middle of a pandemic and have our own problems to deal with, we should give time to do socials.

Having a virtual happy hour gives everyone the chance to catch up with friends. Even though we are drinking at home, seeing someone on screen drinking with us can help relieve the stress we have been feeling. It also gives us the opportunity to offer companionship when someone in our circle needs social support, especially at this trying time.

Recently, my friends and I decided to do a virtual happy hour via Zoom on a Friday night. We used to hang out in bars till midnight but since we are in the new normal, we have to adapt. That night, we had drinks on our own as we see each other’s faces on the screen. We talked about a lot of stuff, played Who’s Most Likely To, and laughed about stupid things for hours! A virtual happy hour is indeed a great way to enjoy the moment and take a break from the reality of life.

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Have fun like you used to

People’s lives during this time only revolve around work, sleep, eat, and social media. It’s a routine that is becoming more exhausting day by day. I can attest to that.

Personally, I’ve been feeling more tired since I started working from home. Perhaps it’s the lack of sun and exercise because back then I had to walk for kilometers to go to work. But now, I am eating while working, I work earlier, and I finish work even later. The current setup causes people to overwork simply because we are at home. Little do we know, it does our body no good.

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Why not plan an online hang out with friends? Have fun like you used to. Don’t just settle with an unhealthy lifestyle just because we are home; do something that pickups your mood. Stop thinking about work for a while and get drunk. You won’t know when will be the next time you’ll have that chance with your friends, so go send them a link for your next virtual happy hour.

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It’s a good time to be thankful

I would say meeting with friends physically is better, but we still have to be grateful that we are able to see them even through our screen. With the seemingly endless fight against the virus, every day is already a gift. We wake up safe, doing our normal routine. Your situation could have been worse, but you are doing well. Likewise, catching-up with friends is something to be thankful for. Be happy that they are healthy and able to give you the support you need, vice versa. Isn’t that worth celebrating?

Social distancing shouldn’t stop us from boozing and having fun. With the help of technology, we have more ways to catch-up with friends even in the middle of a pandemic. Because truth be told, we need a break from everything more than ever. Be it work, news, life, or whatever things we want to forget just for a while. Allow yourself to be drunk!

Are you ready to plan your next virtual happy hour with friends?


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