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Make someone smile with these 15 random acts of kindness

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

While receiving some random acts of kindness can perfectly brighten our day, you’d realize it’s even better when we are on the giving end.

There’s this heartwarming feeling when you have done a small, genuine act of kindness to a stranger, family, or friends. It’s sort of rewarding and gratifying to put a smile on other’s people faces. Especially at this trying time, we may never know what a person is actually struggling through. So, treating each other with little kindness is a big help in reducing not only the receiver’s stress but also yours.

If you’re up to make someone smile, here are 15 random acts of kindness you can do today or even in the future.

Not closing the shop door quickly

Whenever I go out of convenience stores, I really appreciate it when a person in front of me holds the door for me or slowly closes the door so it won’t hit my face. This eventually became a habit of mine to be conscious of people behind as I close the door.ย Imagine someone behind you has his or her hands full of all the stuff she bought, and as you go out, you didn’t close the door just as quickly so she can manage to open it. It’s simple yet you’re able to make it easy for them.

Hold the elevator door

If you hate people who immediately hits the close button in the elevator just so they won’t wait for other passengers, then be the change. If you heard someone rushing towards the elevator lobby and shouting “up” or “down”, hold the elevator door for them. Who knows? You might be able to save them from a minute of late from work or a meeting.

Spray alcohol on elevator buttons

If you’ve got a spray bottle of alcohol in your hand, spritz it on to the elevator buttons which are touched by many people every hour. It may not be seen by others but this small act contributes to containing the spread of the coronavirus in the place you are in.

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Leave a comment on someone’s post

Did a friend change his or her profile picture? Did a friend post his or her latest selfie after a while? Leave a genuine comment on their post! Even when they’re asking for recommendations, try sharing your suggestions. Social media is more than just watching videos and reading posts – it’s meant for connecting with family and friends especially now that we are socially distanced.

Share others’ blog posts or any social media posts

After reading or commenting on their post, how about sharing it to your feed? Do this if they’re sharing something relevant or informative. A single share can help someone reach a wider audience. It’s free and it only takes a few clicks to make someone smile today!

Tag a friend in feel-good posts

Alright, this might sound common for some of you but let me just say that tagging someone in a post you’ve seen can make someone special. Whether that’s a meme, quotes, or a beautiful photo, being tagged in some posts reminds a person that they are remembered no matter when’s the last time you’ve seen each other.

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Compliment genuinely

One of the random acts of kindness you can do is compliment someone genuinely. You may not know it but giving simple compliments can make other people feel good about themselves. More importantly, any person whom you give compliments regularly to will more likely want to be around you, because people naturally like to be around positive people.

Promote a friend’s business

I will always say this – if a friend launches a business, your support could mean a lot to them. It takes motivation for the business to kickstart successfully. Aside from purchasing from their products or services, you can help them by promoting it on your social media accounts so it can potentially reach more customers.

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Send a food package to someone

One time, I got a message from a Facebook friend that she would like to send me a few of her baked goods. When I asked her why, she said nothing – she just wanted to send me those delicious treats. I swear I felt happy as I received them. It made me feel remembered and special. That’s what anybody would feel for sure if you send them food, regardless if you created it or just bought online. It’s a kind gesture towards someone, making sure they are doing well and healthy.

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Give food to your place’s security or utility staff

If you live in a condominium or residential hotel, might as well give some snacks to your place’s security or utility personnel. They ensure your area’s cleanliness and safety so a little act of appreciation can make them feel proud of how they are doing in their job.

Give a water bottle to traffic enforcers

Traffic enforcers tend to stay longer under the scorching heat of the sun to manage the traffic on our roads. How about giving them a bottle of water as you pass by them? I am sure they would really appreciate your gesture.

Donate even a small amount

As you can see, people who need financial support turn to social media to call for donations. Currently, I have seen several related posts, asking for monetary assistance to support their medical needs, school needs (for online schooling), and more. While I won’t recommend donating to all of them because I know we are all facing financial struggles, I would suggest picking even just one beneficiary. No matter the amount, if you can share it, it still counts. Or, you make opt to send your donation to an organization that focuses on advocacy that interests you such as health, poverty, environment, children, etc.

Pay for the toll of the car behind you

When you’re on the road and happen to pass through a toll gate, tell the cashier that you’d also pay for the car behind you. Imagine how happy that person would feel!

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Assemble your plates before leaving a restaurant

We’re so used to having waiters in the restaurant who clean the tables after we leave the place. Maybe it’s time that you initiate to assemble your plates and clean the mess after you eat. It makes the job easier for them, and they would surely appreciate your kindness.

Leave a tip for somebody

It’s a challenging time for everyone, especially for the people who work on-ground despite the health risks due to COVID-19. So, a little tip for these people that service you will definitely put a smile on their face. I’m talking about courier service people, food delivery men, waiters, cashiers, security guards, and other people that help you live life conveniently amidst the pandemic.

There you go! These are only some of the many random acts of kindness we can do. Life has been tough already for all of us, and a little sprinkle of goodness in what we do everyday can change lives.

Have you received or shown a kind gesture from or to someone? I’d love to read them in the comments!


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