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People share the best relationship advice they’ve ever got

best relationship advice from other people

We grew up learning about love from movies, books, and people around us. We create our own standard of love based on how we perceive it from the things we consume. I, sometimes, wonder why is there no subject about it in school?

As we meet people and become intimately associated with them, we figure out how to manage the relationship along the way. We either learn the hard way or the easy way.

So, I came up with the idea of asking people – my fellow bloggers – on Twitter. What is the best relationship advice you’ve ever got? Here are their answers.


Best Relationship Advice

Just be yourself

By Mary of Coffee Gurl

Those three words changed my life. I figured the reason why my past relationships didn’t work because we didn’t outright tell each other that we’re interested in knowing who we really are. Instead, we were always having this “expectation” of who and how we’re gonna be.

Sometimes we get our hopes up and we end up not meeting our expectations of each other. Basically, allowing your partner to just be his or her true self makes it easier for you to understand who he/she really is – and that’s going to be the beginning of acceptance, improvement, and most importantly, love for your partner entirely and truthfully. After all, you can’t force a person to be what you want them to be. You have to see who they really are and if it’s true love, you’ll love all parts of it even the worst ones. You can work on improving the ugly parts together and making them feel the most loved when they’re at their worst.

Don’t expect your partner to change

By Amna of Ask Amna

I’ve received a lot of relationship advice, but I think the best one is to not expect your partner to change. You have to accept them as they are and be kind even when it’s hard. 

The three-day rule

By Kristyn of Queen of My Castle

If someone can go three days without reaching out to you, then they can probably go forever because they aren’t interested.

Don’t chase someone. Rather, wait for them to come to you. At the beginning at least. If you’re always the one reaching out, contacting, making plans, then you’ll never know if that person truly wants to speak to you or see you, or if they are just being polite or responding out of boredom. So if you wait for them to come to you, then you’ll know they’re interested.  

Don’t look for the “other half”

By Clarissa of Aventure Fit for Life

My aunt said something to me when I was a little girl (before I even had romantic interests) that I still remember to this day, many years later. It is still the best relationship advice I have ever been given. She told me that I didn’t need someone else to be my other half – that I could be whole all by myself. And she said if I could figure out how to do that, then the right person for me would come along, and we would be happy together.

I’m not sure I understood the full meaning of it when she told me, but I did remember.  Now that I’ve grown up, I found that she was absolutely right. Until I learned to love myself, no one else could love me either. When I did love myself and became whole again, then love found me at a moment when I was expecting it least, and I couldn’t be happier or in love!

best relationship advice

On people jumping to conclusions

By Suchita of Suchita Senthil Kumar

If they go around believing what other people speak of you and jumping to conclusions without first asking or confronting you about it, you don’t owe them an apology.

Trust your partner

By Rachel of Rachel Talks Business

My boyfriend’s dad told us the minute jealously gets involved in a relationship is the minute it no longer works and to trust your partner 100% and remember relationships are two-way; nobody else needs to be involved! We’ve been together for four years.

Love how you first loved

By Emily of Love, Em

The best piece of relationship that I’ve ever received is to love how you first loved. It can be hard to keep things the same, and for that, you need to be able to grow and adapt together in your relationship. But you shouldn’t forget how you started. If your partner fell in love with you because you’re charming and “gentlemanly”, don’t stop opening doors for them. If you both love deep conversations and communication, make time for those things.

As time goes on, it can be easy to lack the effort that won your partner over in the first place. Never stop putting in the effort. Whether that’s the effort to care, make time for each other, or even just to text goodnight. Never stop caring about how you did when your relationship first began.

Relationships can be pretty tricky and harder to manage unlike how movies and books have been portraying love. But it’s definitely okay to make mistakes or fall down as you build it. As long as you learn from it and take it as a lesson to grow as an individual.

How about you – what’s the best relationship advice you’ve ever heard?


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  1. Some great tips in this post. My mum always said to me “you can’t expect anyone to love if you don’t love yourself” and I think that is bang on! I’m so lucky to have my fiance, he understands me completely and I think we compliment each other’s personalities while letting each other be ourselves!


  2. Some really great advice here. I’m the person who’s always jumping to conclusions. It’s a problem I’ve always had but it’s much better now!

  3. Michelle says:

    The best dating/romantic advice I ever got was, “Marry your best friend, who you also want to have sex with”. It’s super important to be friends with your partner first, because that’s the foundation of everything else.

    All the best, Michelle (

    1. This comment made me smile for some reason lol. Well, that is true. More than being romantic partners, being “friends” with each other helps grow the bond between the couple

  4. Good post and advices. I agree with all the advices. And to me, no.1 is the most important and main point of a relationship. You need to be yourself. It’s because you want your partner to love you for the person you are. Not the fake and pretentious you.

  5. Be with someone who makes you happy. Don’t compromise yourself and leave the relationship if someone is not appreciating you or returning your attention. That’s my advice.

    1. When I was single, I thought people who can’t leave toxic relationships are dumb. But, later on, I realized why they find it hard. It’s really not that easy to leave a partner you love, even if you’re being unappreciated. Thanks for sharing!

  6. These are all great pieces of advice! I definitely think being your real self and not expecting your partner to change are two MASSIVE ones xx

  7. priyankajoshi says:

    Some really helpful advice here liked the 3 day rule you discussed. Thanks for sharing.

  8. “Don’t expect your partner to change” is very important, especially with the whole ‘love who they are’ concept. If they want to change for the better, theyd do it themselves 😊

  9. Fire Down Under says:

    Some really great advice!
    I think just making sure you don’t have expectations is my advice. Don’t expect everyone to be like you.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Great tips! I especially love the mention of the old ‘other half’ term. I have always disliked that concept… First, I am whole as a person on my own. I love my husband and our life together, but he doesn’t ‘complete me’. I don’t need someone to complete me, I can do that myself. Second, putting that kind of expectation on your partner is far too much and it’s unfair to them. If something is missing in your life and who you are, you need to look at yourself for the solution, not expect someone else to swoop in and be everything you need.

    1. This is a nice way to put it! Thanks for this beautiful comment x

  11. Kristaleagh says:

    This is a great post! My favorite piece of advice I ever got was never let your partner leave without a kiss and an “ I love you” no matter what you’re feeling. This has helped me and my husband stay in love so much

    1. Great tip! But I guess it’s hard to say it when you have arguments haha. Thanks for reading 🙂

  12. Don’t look for your other half! I love this! It is so important to see yourself as complete before you can enter into a relationship.

  13. priyankajoshi says:

    Great post on relationship. Thanks for Sharing

  14. Aww, I love all this love advice. I agree with pretty much all of it. I need to remember how me and my partner fell in love and why we did. This is a great reminder.

  15. The first year of marriage is the hardest. If you can get through that- you can get through it all.

  16. Some brilliant advice here and it’s really refreshing to read – a great reminder. Thank you for sharing!

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