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How to have work-life balance while working from home

During pre-COVID, our work set up is always reporting to the office from Mondays to Fridays. The idea of working from home was interesting for me as I thought it’s more convenient for someone who lives 14 kilometers away from Makati Central Business District.

Now that we’re forced to work from home because of the pandemic, many people have got the long-overdue free trial of working from home. And, honestly, it’s not as easy as I thought.

Over time, the new setup has taken a toll on our health and happiness – leaving us feeling burnt out, overworked, and stressed.

Having work-life balance while working from home is a challenge for many. According to the August 2020 Philippine Job Report of leading job portal JobStreet, over half (54%) of the respondents who are working from home said they created a separate workspace, while 48% are working longer hours, 43% changed the times they work, and lastly, 37% take on more household responsibilities themselves.

Remote working is here to stay for the foreseeable future, so it’s important that we look after ourselves even we are in the comfort of our home. Here are some key steps to have a work-life balance while working from home.


work-life balance while working from home

Set work-life boundaries

Working from home often blurs the boundaries between your personal and professional lives. Although you’re comfortably sitting on your bed, it’s essential to know when to sign off. Having a structured plan for your tasks will help you focus your mind on what needs to be accomplished for the day. Don’t forget to have some time for your personal activities – yoga, watching movies, doing household chores, playing games, etc.

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Create a daily routine

Setting up a daily routine can help you to maintain a work-life balance while working at home. This arrangement gives you the freedom to create your schedule and own it. Making regular and consistent daily patterns will help you lower your stress levels and increase your productivity from day-to-day.

Be social and stay connected

The pandemic has limited us to socialize with our friends and other people. However, this shouldn’t stop you from connecting with other people. As the stress level goes up while working from home, being socially connected can alleviate stress and is essential to your mental health. Take advantage of your mobile phones, social media accounts, and video call platforms.

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Create a dedicated workspace

Another way to sustain work-life balance while working from home is to establish a dedicated area for work within your home. Doing so will help you create a consistent routine for when it is time to work. When creating your workspace, consider what type of environment you best operate.

Having a dedicated workspace can reduce distractions and help you stay productive throughout the whole week. Here’s a quick checklist to have efficient work from home space.

Take regular breaks

If you think working without short breaks will help you finish tasks quickly, you are wrong. Make it a habit to always take regular breaks, even as fast as 10 minutes, to avoid fatigue and exhaustion. This will keep you more focused and productive throughout the day.

Life is already challenging because of the pandemic, and it pays to look after ourselves and our lifestyle. It is essential to manage your work-from-home environment to create a better work-life balance that will benefit your overall well-being.

Are you working from home? What tips can you share?


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  1. Great tips. Setting bounderies and a good daily routine are crucial!

  2. I am terrible at taking breaks. When I was in the office, I used to take a wonder around the building to go the toilet and fill up my water bottle but that was it. Now I’m at home, I’m glued to my seat more than ever. I now have an alarm that goes off every few hours so that I leave my desk for a few minutes!


    1. I used to not be like that at the start of my work from home routine. But it exhausted me eventually and learned to walk around the house, pet the dog, do other things, etc. Good thing you have an alarm 🙂

  3. I definitely need to implement most of these tips into my daily routine. Thanks for sharing 💜

  4. Love this post, ate Queenie! Although I don’t work and still a student, I super agree with your tips here! One thing I do when I study is to regularly take breaks and it’s such a game-changer! 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading, Jirah! 🙂

  5. I’ve been doing these tips and they have been very helpful for me! It’s very important to have that work-life balance for me even while working from home.

  6. Very useful for me as I have uni from home!! Thanks

  7. Completely agree with the points here! Especially about having breaks. So many people don’t have proper breaks when working from home and it’s such a mistake in the long term. Sticking to working hours is also very important: after 6, don’t you dare touch that laptop 😉

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

    1. People tend to overwork themselves because they are home but little do they know it’s doing them no good. Thank you for reading. 🙂

  8. I used to be so bad at taking breaks but now I appreciate them more. Sometimes I even watch TV during lunch and it’s made my days so much more efficient. Sadly the restaurants are now closed here in The Netherlands so I can’t go out for lunch but I try to have something nice at home.

  9. priyankajoshi says:

    Very nice post. I am very bad at taking breaks will try to work on it. Thanks for Sharing the post.

  10. Such an important topic! It’s so hard to keep them separate, but It’s so important for our mental health to try.

  11. Creating schedule at home really works and helps you with creating boundaries. Many are really stressed out these days, anyone will benefit from these tips.

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