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Vincenzo has ended and I don’t know where to start

Vincenzo Review

Only evil can punish evil.

Note: This blog may contain spoilers. If you have finished the series, you are welcome. If not yet and you just want to spoil yourself, go feel free to read, too! 

In case you don’t know yet, Vincenzo is a hit Korean drama series this year that unfolds the story of an Italian-Korean mafia consigliere (Vincenzo Cassano portrayed by Song Joong Ki) who fled to South Korea and met a female lawyer (Hong Cha Young portrayed by Jeon Yeo Been) and caught between tortuous conflicts and his plan to steal tons of gold beneath the building he temporarily lives in.

Vincenzo Hong Cha Young
Image from Netflix

Nope, this is not a love story. The drama is a 20-episode roller coaster ride that made me laugh, cry, anxious, and stressed. The series packed with dark humor and some action scenes is topping the chart in Netflix, not to mention its rank as the 6th drama with the highest rating in TVN history. Its final episode aired last May 2 and, dang, was it super satisfying and excellent till the very end!

Now that it has ended, I don’t know what to do with my life.

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I started watching Vincenzo out of curiosity while it was on its second episode. I don’t actually watch ongoing K-dramas because I hate waiting every week for the episodes but Vincenzo is an exception. If I may add, I have been a fan of Song Joong Ki since The Innocent Man where he was the lead actor. To be fair, this man is not just popular because of his looks or because he married his ex-wife. Song Joong Ki is a brainy and multi-talented actor who really brings life to the character he is portraying.

Going back to the series, I would say the pilot episode was a bang and it definitely got me hooked right off the bat. Although I would admit, the following episodes after the first one made me confused about its storyline. I thought it had a lot of characters and that the comedy scenes were wrongly placed, not until I learned that its genre is dark humor. Moreover, every character has their own role to play as the story goes on.

Vincenzo Song Joong Ki
Image from Netflix

Vincenzo with a gun is such a sight, tbvfh. 

Seeing Song Joong Ki, an actor with such a babyface, do a dark hero role is a weird idea but he proved that he deserved it from the very beginning. Vincenzo was definitely a role only for him, and no one could tell me otherwise.

What’s addicting about Vincenzo is its cliff-hanging episode endings. It’s as if the directors deliberately made viewers anxious about what is going to happen next which is great. It kept everyone on the edge of their seats. After I watch an episode, I always browse Twitter to read people’s inputs about it and most of them are theories for the next episodes.

Vincenzo is the kind of drama that made everyone think of the most complex twists because the story can be pretty unpredictable at times. However, I didn’t focus much on the theories online as I just wanted to enjoy the series as it progressed. Besides, many theories didn’t really happen in the drama. Some theories I remember are (1) Chef Toto being an ex-mafia who owned Inzaghi; (2) all the events were just nothing but Vincenzo’s dream; (3) some Geumga Plaza residents are actually traitors or spies.

What I also appreciate in Vincenzo is that it’s more than meets the eye. Thanks to Twitter, I’ve learned that the drama has many parallel scenes, symbolism (Inzaghi, for example), and relevance to the reality in South Korea and other countries. “Justice is weak and empty,” which is true. The directors also made sure to capture the anger, sadness, and pain in every scene with their great cinematography. The actors, of course, deserve the recognition they received from the public especially Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo Been, Ok Taecyon, Kwak Dong Yeon, and Kim Yeo Jin because of their top-tier acting.

Image from Rojak Daily

Can I also say that I love how perfect the scoring is? I’m not too sure if that’s how they call it but I hope you get what I mean. Its long Spotify playlist just proves how the production behind Vincenzo put a lot of effort to heighten the emotions in the entire drama. My personal favorite is John Park’s I’m Always By Your Side which plays in Episode 19 and 20. Such a gem.

Last but not the least, the overall chemistry is just *chef’s kiss*. The pairing of Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Been was off for me at first. I actually hated Hong Cha Young’s character but I eventually ate my words.  The chemistry is a slow burn and it’s just perfect. It’s the cherry on the cake! The Geumga Plaza Family also grew on me halfway through the series and I am sad that it has finished already.

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I know many fans are requesting to have Vincenzo Season 2 but after the finale episode, I feel like the ending did justice to the series beautifully. While I think the last two episodes were too short to wrap up the story, it ended the way it should. It was painful at times but the collateral damage was inevitable.

So, just like in Scarlet Heart Ryeo, this Kdrama will always have a special place in my heart. Weekends will never be the same. And with that, I leave you with this GIF.


PS. If you’re having Vincenzo withdrawal symptoms, just like me, I recommend you watch their behind-the-scenes on Youtube! Everyone obviously enjoyed their shooting and it’s good to see that Song Joong Ki laughs like a kid again. While you’re at it, I suggest you watch these on Youtube:

Vincenzo Cast x The Game Caterers [Part 1]

Vincenzo Cast x The Game Caterers [Part 2]

Cast of Vincenzo plays Mafia Game [ENG SUB]

Cast of Vincenzo on Swoon’s Couch Talk [ENG SUB] 


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