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SB19 Back in the Zone: ramblings and things I loved about it!

sb19 bazinga bitz

This post is a bit overdue. It has been 5 days since SB19’s Virtual Concert “Back In The Zone” or BITZ, and I’m still not over it. Long post ahead.

For those of you who do not have an idea who I am talking about, they are an emerging Filipino pop boy group! I won’t go into details, so please check out their Wiki page.

Anyway, going back to my topic, I was so glad I purchased a ticket and watched their virtual concert. To be honest, I was hesitant to buy one when it was announced for financial reasons, but when they released their EP entitled Pagsibol, I told myself that I should not miss seeing the choreography which they would perform for the first time during BITZ.

sb19 back in the zone
Photo via KTX.PH

So, I bought one. A week before the concert! Lol. What a clown.

It was a gen ad ticket, meaning I wouldn’t be getting perks that VIPs and VVIPs would have (merch and merch + virtual fan meet, respectively). Those were sold out! I couldn’t afford it, anyway.

I discovered SB19 back in 2019

Majority of SB19 fans (collectively called A’Tin) discovered them in late 2019. They became viral and eventually people had started appreciating their singing and dancing skills, not to mention the humor and chemistry among them.

Pre-pandemic, I used to attend some of their mall shows and one of their concerts. Don’t ask me why. It’s amusing to see them perform live and up close. Plus, the crowds’ loud chants and cheers were ironically pleasant to hear. Too bad, the pandemic happened and I have not seen them in person in a while.

Later on, I lay low because I got very busy at work and had personal stuff to focus on. But when they released vlogs or single tracks, I often tried to catch up. But my stan Twitter account was inactive for quite some time.

I actually thought I would be forgetting about them after being lowkey but I just couldn’t. Which is fine, because the past few months have been hard on me and these men—Ken, Josh, Justin, Pablo, and Stell—really helped me get through it.

My bias is Ken, in case you ask.

I’m Back in The Zone!

So, basically, SB19’s “Pagsibol(Bloom) pulled me back on track and I love that it helped me release the negativity I have absorbed because of the current situation.

My personal favorite is “Mana” because, for me, it has the right balance of being upbeat and chill. You can twerk with it while holding a glass of tequila in one hand. Just kidding. “Bazinga” is great, too! But my heart still goes back to list to Mana. Stream the EP album here.

SB19 Photo
Photo via Spotify Philippines

Going back to the virtual concert, I was happy my sister became a fan of SB19 just recently. Hence, we watched the concert together using my laptop. At least, I wasn’t alone in shrieking and enjoying the gen ad ticket.

It was a good choice that they started with What? to hype up the viewers, followed by Go Up which was a little nostalgic to me as it brought me back to the old days.

I was also amazed by their acoustic version of Love Goes. It was a longer, more melancholic version of the song. I hope they would release that as well. Tilaluha and Hanggang Sa Huli were classic.

I kind of expected already that they would have solo performances but I didn’t prepare myself enough to be attacked by each of them. In their Manila concert last 2019, they had solos, but in BITZ, they executed it on a whole new level.

When Justin sang the first note of Coldplay’s The Scientist, it sent me to a different dimension. He sang it so well and from the heart. Stell’s rendition of All By Myself was a show stopper, especially when he hit the highest note. Pablo, with his brother, performed his own song, Kelan (When), which I only heard of for the first time during the concert and it was full of emotions. And, Josh, wow, the man has improved a lot and his song number screamed “world domination.”

Lastly, Ken—allotting this whole paragraph for him because why not. I thought Ken was going to be a man-with-his-guitar but he gave us even more. He sang Palayo, his very own sexy pop song written in Bisaya dialect. All I could say is, how dare he wear all red? What do you want, Ken Suson? And when he did some sort of floor moves, I totally lost my sh*t and I know all A’Tin did, too.

sb19 mapa back in the zone
Photo via SB19 Official

For their Mana performance, hats up to their stylist and makeup artist because SB19 served so well. I hope they release the dance practice soon because I could not see well their steps during the concert because of the fur coat. Nonetheless, *chef’s kiss*

Same with Bazinga, I super love the wardrobe and I think most of the dance steps were a bit lighter than What? That said, it’s danceable by anyone!

SLMT gave me summer vibes and they were so fun to watch. I thought the concert would after it but, it’s a prank, they had an encore: What? with a twist and more playful. My heart was full.

Back in the Zone was beyond my expectation, creativity-wise. Of course, their performance and energy are already given in their every show but, wow, the concert was too much to take! From wardrobe to stage setup to backdrop, everything was well-thought of. Despite not holding the concert on-ground, their effort was impressive. And they pulled it off very well. BITZ is now the biggest earning online concert in KTX.ph as of writing, which sold more than 20,000 tickets!

The only thing I hate about it is that it ended! Two hours passed so fast. Though, it will be replayed this August 22 due to insistent public demand and I think I’m going to watch it again!

Thanks for reading through this post. I definitely look forward to attending their live concert soon and I really hope SB19 would go much bigger in the future. It’s starting to happen, and I am sure they have a lot in store for us!

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